4 Ways to Protect Your Car’s VIN

Protecting your possessions isn’t something that you need an introduction to. There are different kinds of thieves out there. While some will want to steal the spare parts out of your car, others will have a vested interest in your car’s VIN. So, how do you protect your car from VIN theft or any other type of theft, for that matter? Well, there are many ways to do that. We invest a lot of money in cars considering they’re the primary form of transportation from one place to another.

With that said, it’s critical that we keep the most apt security measures in place. Security and safety precautions can help prevent accidents, spare parts theft, or, more importantly, VIN theft! Anyone with your car’s VIN can take a peek into the private history of the vehicle. Here’re several ways to ensure that your car’s VIN is protected at all times.

Protecting Your Car’s VIN from Theft

Here’re a few ways to keep your car’s VIN safe from thieves:

• Keep Your Keys Safe

This goes without saying that you must never leave your car keys in the most obvious spots, like behind the steering wheel or around the windshield. Keep the keys with you if you can, and don’t let anyone take a peek at where you place them.

• Get a Car-Alarm

You must get a car alarm to prevent unauthorized access whatsoever. Even in the case of an emergency, the car must ring an alarm and sound sirens whenever someone tries to unlock it without the main key. Whether the windshield breaks or the windows, the car alarm must be fully equipped with the latest tech.

• Use an Immobilizer System

A vehicle immobilizer system can kill the ignition and render your car useless if someone tries to hotwire it. It may also sound an alarm to chase off potential thieves.

• Keep the Car VIN Hidden

If the car VIN appears too noticeable, you can use appropriate tints on your car windows to keep anyone from taking a peek at the important number. Your car VIN can reveal a lot about you and your investment. So, keeping it safe must be your top priority.

You can place decorative material around the car VIN, if possible, to keep it hidden. However, make sure the decorative item isn’t highly noticeable as it will be counterproductive in keeping the car VIN secure.


In case you require a detailed VIN report for a car that you want to purchase, opt for AutoSage Reports. We make sure that your car purchase is as authentic as you wish it to be. Our unique database management and collaboration with governmental authorities help us peek into the most necessary databases and information centers. That’s why we can help you discover a lot about a car through its VIN.

If you have any queries, drop us an email at [email protected]. Go through our website and check out the VIN search option. You can enter a car’s VIN and search for its history with a single click. Purchase a detailed report for more information!

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