Best Electric cars of 2022

Electric car at charging station

What are the best electric vehicles of 2022? Continue reading this article to learn more about the best electric cars of 2022.

Challenges in the Auto Industry

New Cars Dealer Lot

The aftermath of COVID-19 has left many industries distraught, and the auto industry is no different. Here are a few most prominent challenges that the industry is currently facing.

What To Look For In The Right Mechanic

Mechanic Inspecting Car in Garage Workshop

Do you know that choosing the right mechanic can determine how long your car stays in good shape? Read further to find out what to look for in a mechanic.

4 Ways to Protect Your Car’s VIN


Are you trying to make sure nobody steals your car’s secret VIN? Here are a few effective protection measures that can keep your VIN safe.

How to Detect and Avoid VIN Frauds

Concept - Computer Keyboard with red key that says FRAUD, online dangers

When you plan to buy a second-hand car from someone, it’s best to conduct minor inspections. Here’s how to get a free VIN check when buying a used car.

How to Avoid Buying a Lemon

Broken car concept, breakdown triangle on road

A lemon car has several defects, including manufacturing faults that compromise its value, utility, and safety. Any car with these issues is a lemon, and people usually don’t know how to identify if they are purchasing the right vehicle.