Here Is How You Can Get a Free VIN Check before Buying a Used Car

Planning to move on from using the old family clunker but don’t have the budget to go for a zero-meter car? Buying a used car might offer the mileage you need, but it comes with various risks. You have to be careful to make sure that you’re not dealing with a stolen, accident-affected, or illegal vehicle.

Used Car Purchase: The Discussion About Free VIN Checks

Information about the VIN check is available for free on many websites. However, you can’t go about trusting a single source to look up a car’s history. If you’re buying a used car, you have to search through an extensive database linked with prime insurance companies, consumers, and law enforcement agencies to avoid getting scammed. While many companies let you run a free VIN check on their platform, you’ll always have to pay to access certain information.

With a free check, you receive a limited amount of information, and that’s not enough to give you confidence in your purchase decision. Several companies offering free VIN checks hold valuable information, such as how many owners a car has had or whether it’s been declared “totaled” after a severe accident. Furthermore, several online websites don’t tell you a car’s theft history or whether it has a legal case pending for bearing casualties in a fatal accident.

So, before you head into running a free VIN check, make sure you know that detailed reports are worth paying for, especially those from AutoSage. Here’s how to get a free VIN check.

Steps to Follow

  1. Enter the URL in your browser:
  2. Wait for the search to complete

    Purchase a VIN check report for more details on your car history.

What Do AutoSage Reports Cover?

When you’re dealing with AutoSage to uncover a car’s background and history, you should have peace of mind. AutoSage relies on a comprehensive vehicle history database linked to the most viable sources on the internet. Here’s a list of factors that a detailed report (i.e., one that you’ll have to pay for) from AutoSage will contain:

• ownership history
• mileage
• sales
• car specs
• odometer readings
• title history
• auction value
• recalls
• accidents
• service history
• market value


You should make a motor vehicle purchase only when you’re confident about the seller and the vehicle itself. One of the key ways to make sure that you’re entering a solid deal is to run a VIN check of the car that you’re buying. With help from AutoSage, you can fill the information gaps in your car’s history. The company features an extensive vehicle history database that allows users to check the VIN of their car for free at any time. Purchase a report that you think can help you with your purchase or in a legal case.

Don’t be late in checking about the proper history of the car you’re about to buy. Otherwise, the used car may cost you more than you’re buying it for!

Know Before You Buy

Feel confident in knowing a vehicle’s comprehensive history, including specific details on any past accidents.


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