How the Pandemic Slowed Auto Production In 2021

The pandemic has affected the lives of people around the globe in every domain. Auto production is no different when it comes to production during the corona outbreak. . The world saw complete lockdowns during these periods which made it harder for automobile companies to continue their production. International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers claims that there was a decrease of 16% in the automobile production sector globally. The president of OICA claimed 2021 as the worst year for automobile manufacturers around the world.

This drop is not limited to a specific region as we saw changes globally. Leading car manufacturing nations like the United States around 19% drop in its production. The U.S managed to manufacture 8,822,399 cars and commercial vehicles in 2021 which is much lower than its previous production. Other regions of the world also went through a similar fate. For instance, there are 290 plants for automobile assembly and engine production in Europe. 185 of these plants are present in the European Union (EU). Europe still failed to maintain or boost its automobile production.

Experts suggest that it has a lot to do with the pandemic. Industries, workers, energy resources, and several other factors faced downfall during this period, which resulted in this disaster. These disasters are becoming more frequent around the world as the companies fail to meet the global demand.

Asia however, did not have such a bad response as there was only a 10% drop in their production collectively. Research done by OICA indicates that China had a downfall of 2% only thanks to its quick recovery in the industry. Asia has one of the biggest markets for automobile manufacture and a wide range of brands producing these cars every year.

It Is Over?

People think that things will not recover anytime soon because the damage is too severe. However, things are changing for the better according to reports. Things may not be running conventionally but the machines never stopped. People started switching to other ways to keep the business running and to get new automobiles.

For instance, a large percentage of the population started options for ways to build their cars. Most of the renowned car manufacturing websites had this feature which made it easier for the customers to give it a shot.

Car dealers shut their floors down and started dealing for their cars via phone. They made all the deals on call which increased their sales drastically. Others took a step further and went for video conferences to make their automobile deals.  Several businesses launched their apps and platforms to aid buyers with their purchases which made things faster.


The automobile industry may have experienced its ups and downs recently; however, it has still survived through the pandemic quite well. Experts believe that things will get back to normal and automobile production will soon resume too. We hope that you find this article helpful. Feel free to connect with us if you need more information on related topics.

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