The 5 Best Cars of 2020

When we talk about cars, some leading names launch new models every year. Car enthusiasts wait the whole year for these amazing vehicles. While you cannot afford every car, some of these models come with such high-tech features that you wish to ride them once in your life. In this post, we have shortlisted five of the best cars of 2020 with their specifications.

Honda Fit

Are you looking for a subcompact car that has extraordinarily great features and specs? Then Honda fit will not disappoint you. This car may seem to be a small and less spacious vehicle from outside. However, when you get inside, you will know how spacious it is. Honda fit will impress you with its high-quality interior spread in this car’s 52.7 cubic feet cargo space.

You will find plenty of useful technological features in this car. Except for the base model, every Honda Fit offers features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. Not to mention, it also incorporates a 7-inch touch screen. In order to provide optimal driver assistance technologies, this car also has two trims that come with Sensing Suite.

Ferrari Roma

Ferrari knows the trick to attract the attention of consumers and car lovers. This Ferrari Roma is one of the best cars of 2020, but not affordable for everyone. However, it is extremely thrilling and entertaining to drive a vehicle like this. This car is nearly perfect. You can say it is the most beautiful Ferrari ever. Furthermore, this vehicle comes with 612 horsepower performance that helps it travel like a bullet. Ferrari Roma also has refreshingly intuitive technology. The interior is comfortable to let you have a sound drive to your destination.

Porsche Taycan

This Porsche Taycan offers some wonderful features. When most German companies are coming up with some unadventurous and unpleasant variations of the electrified SUV theme, Porsche has reinvented its popular sporting heritage to develop something for electrified culture. At some point, you will get the exact feeling of the Porsche from it, while other times, you will think of it as a completely different vehicle.

This car provides a low center of gravity and instant torque that combines with Porsche’s classy features. The exceptionally sleek appearance and beautiful minimalist interior make it more attractive to consumers.

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin has built a new factory to produce their treasure, DBX. They have taken a great time to work on this piece of art. There is no surprise that they have used their time effectively to develop an Astine Martin SUV.

This car offers you wonderful styling and body with an aggressive driving style. It has almost every SUV feature that can force car enthusiasts to pick it over others.

Polestar 2

The last one on our list, this beauty will win your heart if you are a genuine electric car lover. Polestar 2 has 402 horsepower that is something hard to find in other cars.

The all-wheel-drive hatchback promotes the working of Volvo safety systems. This car also offers an ingeniously pretty pace. Its body style owns a perfect height that is great for a small crossover SUV. You will also love its front-end that has a sedan appearance.

Bottom Line

There are other models that are not far behind from the mentioned best cars of 2020, such as Mercedes-Benz E63AMG and Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider. It will be interesting to see what new models will hit the market in 2021 and what new features they will offer.

Know Before You Buy

Feel confident in knowing a vehicle’s comprehensive history, including specific details on any past accidents.

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