When is it Time to Shop for a New Car?

Are you considering dumping the old four-wheeler that you bought from a used car sale and going for a new car? Well, make sure you consider the right time to purchase a brand new motor vehicle because, during specific seasons, you can save a noticeable amount of money on car purchases!

Knowing the right time to buy an automobile might save you thousands of dollars and help you stay within the budget for the year. Purchasing a personal car is a hefty investment and requires proper consideration. You have to figure out which brand you want, what make and model, and many other things.

The Right Time to Shop for a New Car

Even though a car salesperson can convince you that buying today will be the best decision of your life, a savvy buyer will always consider possible money-saving options. Here’s what to know when you want to buy a new car:

The Month’s End

You’ve probably read it online and heard from people around you that buying a car at the end of a month could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The chances of getting valuable deals on car purchases or even big TV purchases are higher because all shops and salespeople have monthly goals. When a salesperson hasn’t met the sales goal until the end of the month, you’re more likely to get a deal.

In car dealerships, the incentives for a salesperson are higher, but only when they meet the monthly sales goals. They can get popular models under their salesmanship and even get additional vehicles with other financial incentives. That’s why they’re motivated to sell more, even if it involves selling to customers through different deals.

The Busiest Day of the Week

It’s a no-brainer! You already know that in businesses, the busy days of the week are when employees and salespersons have an everything-must-go attitude. So, they try to close deals as quick as possible and move on to the next customer and client.

Since it’s a busy day and they don’t have much time to negotiate, you’re more likely to secure a valuable deal. An example includes Mondays or Tuesdays.

Three-Day Weekends

A fresh example of a three-day weekend includes Labor Day. It marks the start of the fall season when automakers are rolling in new products for the year. Consequently, salespeople are instructed to sell as many existing automobiles as possible. Moreover, you can get more good deals during holidays such as Presidents Day, the Fourth of July, and Memorial Day.


Make sure you don’t fall for any clever tactics and buy a new car impulsively. Always make an informed decision and consider important factors. Furthermore, check out various online platforms to learn about awesome car deals.

After reading online reviews to find your new car, visit the most reputable car dealerships. Why invest in a hurry when you can save a lot of money by waiting for the right amount of time?

Know Before You Buy

Feel confident in knowing a vehicle’s comprehensive history, including specific details on any past accidents.

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